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That Time I Was Going to Rio, But then Didnt

Summer of 2016 was a beautiful celebration of Black girl magic being awarded medals for their excellence in swimming, gymnastics, tennis, hurdles, shot put, long jump… you name it and Black girls dominated! Those are some nasty gals for ya! With all the excitement surrounding the games, Brazil was kind enough to open up its visa restrictions to US Americans that summer. Come one, come all! So when a friend invites you along on her trip to Rio and you actually have the time off, YOU GO! I did, so I was going! ….Or so I foolishly thought. View the 90 second clip from that day, below.

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Travel with Only One Night in Town

A lot of times when we travel, we block off days, request off of work, save thousands of dollars, book the itinerary months in advance and that’s all after synchronizing schedules with a travel buddy or two to accompany you on your trip. PHEW! That’s a lot of effort for only a week’s break from reality every couple years. Well… what if there was another way to get away without all the hassle? (Scroll down for a quick list of tips)