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Moving into Miami Monday Only to Evacuate Tuesday!

I’ve lived in Miami for all of 5 minutes and it’s time to evacuate. So here I am, sitting in a Tallahassee airport at 3am writing about Miami instead of enjoying it. And of course I can’t think about Miami without thinking about my time in Cuba. [click the link for more]

Shackles are Becoming a Statement Piece

Recently, I raised the question of why we as Black people dont have a Black flag? It would be difficult to come together as one to agree on its style, purpose and meaning because across the diaspora, there are darker skin Brazilians, Indians, Spaniards, etc that have unique struggles. However, all of us are connected

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One Night in Town: Things To Do ANYWHERE in the World

You have a long layover between cities that you want to take advantage of or you are being an adventurer this weekend with only one night in town. Whether you are going to the beach, a big city or a small town, here is a list of inexpensive things you can do in almost every

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