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Tag: free speech

How the Pandemic has Affected My Mother

Although we are all in the same boat, some people have life-vests, flares, food and first aid. Others are in the hull with nothing more than duct tape, attempting to plug the holes in the vessel before too much water seeps in. Those above deck may feel prepared to ride out the storm, but they are only as safe as the people who will inevitably drown below, eventually sinking the entire boat and everyone on it.
With so many different variables affecting how people experience the Pandemic, there is no one correct way to react to its consequences. This was also true for my mother.

To Be ___________ in America

I bet you like that flag,
Blue-blooded lover of a guns,
Oh how beautifully, it waves for you.
Should I keep running this race while tied to a tree?
Seeing my peers pass me up never acknowledging their head start.
So focused on their privilege,
I forgot whats special about me.

WanderLust (or Love), a Curly-American Walks into a Spaniard Bar… (Segunda Parte)

“Another round?” Shamelessly, I wanted to visit with Enrique again and of course claim my 3rd glass of his velvety port. 
”Guapa. You are having fun?”
Call me guapa one more time, I thought mischievously. “Yes! And I’m going dancing with you tonight!” His eyes widened as he smiled. “Bryan me invita!” I explained in my broken Spanish.