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How to Establish Stability as a Nomad

Well after people get over the fact that I’m hardly home (but always reppin’), they ask, as a nomad, how I will ever establish a sense of stability? After a little over a year, I’ve encountered thousands of people, many languages, various cultures and a rainbow of different outlooks on life. Travel became my addiction

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Shackles are Becoming a Statement Piece

Recently, I raised the question of why we as Black people dont have a Black flag? It would be difficult to come together as one to agree on its style, purpose and meaning because across the diaspora, there are darker skin Brazilians, Indians, Spaniards, etc that have unique struggles. However, all of us are connected

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BGM: 33 Times Zendaya Slayed Within an Inch of Her Life

Zendaya Coleman and her stylist, Law Roach, who is now a judge on America’s Next Top Model have created eye-popping colorful ensembles together. The duo balances the scales between street and couture, feminine and masculine, while playing with proportions and hairstyles. In partnership with her stylist, she has recently launched her own line of clothing

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