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To My Future Husband, Wherever You Are

“To My Future Husband, 
Wherever You Are, 
I Know Who You Are
Because God has shown me who I am.
You are the only one who can handle…..” [click link to continue]

WanderLust (or Love), a Curly-American Walks into a Spaniard Bar… (Segunda Parte)

“Another round?” Shamelessly, I wanted to visit with Enrique again and of course claim my 3rd glass of his velvety port. 
”Guapa. You are having fun?”
Call me guapa one more time, I thought mischievously. “Yes! And I’m going dancing with you tonight!” His eyes widened as he smiled. “Bryan me invita!” I explained in my broken Spanish.

Hit Reset, Take a Break, But NEVER Quit

Between today and my last post, it's been 3 months! I have visited Montego Bay, Jamaica… Toronto, Canada… Condado, Puerto Rico… London, UK… and La Habana Vieja, Cuba… to name a few. I have also relocated to Chicago, IL from Dallas, TX. A lot has transpired during my hiatus. And as much as I will

A Very Curly THANK YOU!

Its been a little over 30 days since I began writing on this platform…. Now, more than 30 posts later, there has been a consistent outpouring of love and well wishes I never expected. I thought I would quietly post my thoughts and observations of the human condition on Curls & Carry-ons and allow it

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ARGENTINA: How Buenos Aires Changed My Life (Pt. 2)

Go to Part 1 of ARGENTINA: How Buenos Aires Changed My Life After crying in front of a stranger who was supposed to employ me, I flew back home 0-1. I allowed myself to feel defeated for the rest of the day and then bits of the trip began to return to me. I remembered

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ARGENTINA: How Buenos Aires Changed My Life (Pt. 1)

If you know me or follow me on social media, then you know how much my family means to me and you know how much I love to travel. Many pegged 2016 as the worst year ever, but for me, it was a year of recovery from 2015. Travelling to Argentina with my family was

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