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A Very Curly THANK YOU!

Its been a little over 30 days since I began writing on this platform…. Now, more than 30 posts later, there has been a consistent outpouring of love and well wishes I never expected. I thought I would quietly post my thoughts and observations of the human condition on Curls & Carry-ons and allow it

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Las Morenas de España

In early February, I received a notification for an Instagram “like” from an account I had never heard of. Upon reading the name, @lasmorenasdeespana, my excitement was immediate as I clicked through to its page. Morena, brown girl, that was me! De España, from Spain, like my father. What was I about to find? I

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WanderLust (or Love), a Curly-American Walks into a Spaniard Bar… (Primera Parte)

After a long day’s journey through the sites of Mardrid, the sun was low in the sky as I stumbled upon Mercado de San Miguel. My eyes feasted on the crystal clear glass structure being held up by iron beams winding across the ceiling. Through the walls, you could see produce displayed like a vibrant

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Celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH with Me!

Curls & Carry-ons will definitely celebrate Black History month for all 28 days! There will be historical facts, books relating to the Black diaspora, where to find people who are also excited about Black empowerment and lots of love for Black travel! Thanks for joining me!

ARGENTINA: How Buenos Aires Changed My Life (Pt. 1)

If you know me or follow me on social media, then you know how much my family means to me and you know how much I love to travel. Many pegged 2016 as the worst year ever, but for me, it was a year of recovery from 2015. Travelling to Argentina with my family was

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If I Was a Disney Princess, I’d Probably Still Be Single

If you grew up during the 1990s, you were raised in the midst of whats called the Disney Renaissance era. Lucky you!!! This decade, beginning with The Little Mermaid in 1989 and ending with Tarzan in 1999, depicts the lives of young women, and a few young men, through a series of adventurous love stories.

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No Justice for Us

  I dont know why this is affecting me so much, but it is. I am currently sitting on a sidewalk bench, just returning from an AMAZING Foster the People concert at the Masquerade in Atlanta. Yet, throughout the night, in the pit of my stomach, i felt the need to check twitter for Troy

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