LISTEN: My Guest Appearance on “Women on the Road” Podcast

Last month, I had the pleasure of connecting with Laura Hughes from the Women on the Road, a podcast about life on the road from the feminine perspective. As a woman of color who solo travels, is building a campervan and a green beauty company, I was honored to explore the details of my journey.

Scroll to the end for a special curated playlist for all the bad ass women out there fearlessly pursuing their dreams.

It was exciting to be considered as having something significant to say to such a large audience. Sure, I’ve offered my experiences and beliefs on this site for more than two years. However, when your platform hasnt garnered the engagement that you seek, it can feel as though you are talking to a dark empty room. All the while, you’re filling it up with your voice in hopes that someone will walk in, turn on the lights and simply listen.

Woman on the Road podcast

The interview was guided by Laura, a fantastic host, based on a a preliminary conversation we’d had prior to recording. She asked me what I wanted to talked about and we went from there. Even as easy as she made the process, I was still incredibly nervous. The episode is about standing in your power and there I was unsure of my public speaking ability and what I had to offer to her 50,000 listeners. I sat there as we recorded and continued to remind myself, “you were invited for a reason, don’t second guess yourself.” Taking as many deep breaths as I needed in between my answers, I immediately realized, I was actively speaking my truth. Nervous or not, I powered through my fears, simply offered what I had and held confidence that it was enough.

The episode went live on streaming services Nov 1st and was recently shared on socials to an outpouring of love from women that connected with the conversation. The whole process has touched me so deeply. From women who are currently building their own campers to those dreaming of their home on wheels, it felt like my birthday to receive so much excitement surrounding my genuine belief that we, women, hold untapped power. One beauty in particular wrote me,

“Yo dude! Just listened to your interview on Women on the Road!! I REALLY appreciated what you said about being a mixed gal. It really made me feel like I’m not alone!! Just thank you!”

Another beauty sent voice notes that made me ugly cry tears of joy. I had a wonderful exchange of voice notes, texts, and videos with her and so many others. Another woman wrote:

“I really hope our paths cross one day so I can say “thank you” to your face. I’ve been building out a van by myself for over 2 years now and I am so close I can taste it. In this last homestretch I’ve lost motivation and confidence in myself. Your badassery stood as an example to me which in return allowed me to see my own badassery. Something I had been missing for a while. You are an incredible woman! Keep being you!! ❤️❤️”

To hear Laura and I’s conversation, you can click here to listen on Spotify.

The real power of having shared my truth with so many other amazing women is that the inspiration is cyclical. I inspire them and they in turn inspire me. Long and short days building this tiny home inside a delivery truck has been some of the most daunting labor I’ve ever done. There’s a LOT of mental fatigue that comes with it especially if you are learning each skill as you go. There’s constant issues that arise. Some of them you can predict through strategic planning and others you have to solve in the moment. All the while, you hope you can be efficient enough to get it right the first time.

So in honor of my first successful guest appearance on a podcast, I’ve curated a musical playlist on Spotify.


For the powerful women trying to stay motivated all the way to the finish line of their goals, play this for a little extra swag in your step. Made up of mostly powerhouse female artists like Doja Cat, Ariana Grande and Beyonce, there are also a few men that made the cut with their uplifting odes to us ladies. Whether you like to twerk through your tasks or belt out the lyrics to Lizzo, I hope this playlist inspires you to always stand in your own feminine power.

As always, thanks for joining me.