ROAD to #VANLIFE (episodes)

Since I began looking for a reliable vessel that would steer me through life on the road, I’ve been micro-documenting my experiences. From trekking for long hours at a time just to visit a truck for all of 10 minutes to navigating male dominated spaces that left no room for women. Even now that I have purchased my truck and have spent weeks working inside of it, I still get hit with the question: Who is building this for you?

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At first, its comical to be seen as a juxtaposition: a pretty girl with a soft voice who can manage a metal grinder and a circle saw. The glass ceiling comes shattering down around non-believers as they realize young women can problem solve their way through tasks usually delegated to men.

It has been challenging to learn on the job, to brush off negativity or to effectively answer the same questions tirelessly. I have to remind myself that even though vehicle dwelling is not a new concept, there is an entire population of people who have never heard of it being a sustainable lifestyle. There are still men that see women as docile creatures in need of rescuing.

In these weekly episodes, you will see that I am the last person to think that I dont need the assistance of men. I never want to downplay their heavy involvement in my road to #vanlife. However, I never realized starting this journey would put me on the radar of women that needed an extra nudge towards doing something out of the ordinary. The community that has wrapped its arms around me has helped me to push through all the difficulty and remain relentless towards my #vanlife goals.

At the time of publication, Episode 7: Restoring my Stepvan’s Aluminum Floors, is the most watched video and linked in the photos below. For more videos, visit my IGTV. I am currently working on the frame of my bed, sink and toilet.

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