Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

On a day that’s meant for celebrating couples, no one wants to hear “love yourself.” Well, get over it, gorgeous, because just like every other day, that’s exactly what you have to do. Laughter, trust, and orgasms. That’s really what falling in love boils down to. And you can do all of that your damn self. So let’s get started!

Maybe you slept in today and cuddled all your fluffy pillows. Maybe you were superwoman and checked all the boxes off your to-do list. Or maybe you were like me and worked from bed because balance is a major key.

Today is the day you finally go to the movie you’ve been waiting on your girlfriend to see. Sweat your ass off in a yoga class and image how crazy/ sexy/ awkward you look in downward dog. Go try on 50 shades of lipstick to find the perfect one. Sit by the window of your favorite cafe. Buy the goal dress for that vacation you’ve been planning for months or just spend time doing absolutely nothing, but listening to the quiet.

Make a mood board today. Get your nails done. Deep condition your hair. Record yourself listing what you truly like about yourself and play it back. Write down your goals. Put on a face mask. Clean out your closet. Call your mom and tell her she’s the most powerful woman in the world and you want to be just like her.

Accept the flaws that make you unique. Like, really accept them because people change at a glacial pace, so you are stuck with you for a long time. For example, I’m hyper sensitive and I recognize I react with my heart first and then my brain. This is what I’d consider a flaw, but it is also my biggest strength. Being raw and genuine in my passions, in love of myself and other people makes me great.

Laughter, trust, and orgasms. That’s really what falling in love boils down to.

Tonight, adjust the dimmer for some mood lighting and throw some oils in a hot bath. Set up the iPad with the new Amanda Seales HBO special and UberEats your favorite restaurant. Don’t you dare skip dessert! If you would want a bae to buy you dessert, then you buy you dessert.

Oh yes and of course, the orgasms! You already know what to do you black panther, you. 😘 And if not, EXPLORE! Today is the day to figure out how to push that button and push it good. Rub a couple O’s out before you even get your day started. Men do it! Why not us? After your bath bombs and comedy specials, spread the shea butter all over and come back to your loving bed for the grand finale.

The point is to get yourself used to being spoiled, girl. Cher said it best when her mom told her to marry a rich man: “Mom, I am a rich man!” If you want someone to be sweet to you, be a sweet woman to yourself first. Set the standard. Show yourself and your potential suitors, the diamond you are. You sparkle best when cared for. Love yo’ self! You deserve it!

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥️

Thanks for joining me. 😘


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