(Video) How I Celebrated “the 20th” this Year

What better place to find peace and good vibes in every sea breeze than in Montego Bay, Jamaica?! It was my first time returning to the beautiful island in 10 years. My first visit was in 2006 to Negril with a youth group of 20 other churchmembers. This passed April’s visit became a solo retreat to detox my mind, body and spirit. The island definitely did that and more, becoming to me what Cuba was for Hemingway.

While staying in one of my favorite AirBnB’s thus far, I put my phone in airplane mode for three days, listened to the waves crash against the rocks below my room, danced shamelessly because literally no one was looking and ate so much curry. Most notably, I bonded heavily with the people staying on and working around the property. I even met a black female literary publisher! It really blew my mind when topics, I thought were crazy conspiracies contained in the dark corners of my mind, appeared on the tongue of my new acquaintances. Profound conversations about the heart, racism, greed, aliens, sex and spirituality. This, under the dark night skies of Montego Bay, hemp mingling with the breeze, was the beginning of unpacking my writers block. It started me on a journey for the next few months of challenging my “why.”

Thanks for reading! 😘


(Below is a video never meant to be public, but sharing it is a step towards being more transparent and fearless. Plus I had soooo much fun making it! Listen closely to see if you can hear the music in the background as the waves are fairly overpowering. At that time in April, I had Rihanna’s ANTI on constant repeat. It gave me even more life when she showed up to the Grammys with a bedazzled flask, knowing fully that her masterpiece would go unacknowledged. Did anyone else completely fall in love with her album?)

Lipsync to Love on the Brain in JamRock





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