“Am I Addicted to Love?;” a poem

I have to be because I have sought after it since I was a young girl. Before I was a woman. Before I had my first kiss.

Before I left my parents home, I wanted a home of my own. I wanted to feel safe in someone’s arms, to know that they were my family and we could collapse and expand into each other.
Am I addicted to love?

I can’t be because for the past year I have sabotaged relationship after relationship. I have run away from men that were ready to give me their world. But I wanted to combine worlds, without losing myself in their visions of the future.

Am I addicted to love?

I have no freaking clue where to begin to unpack this question. We could wrestle with this idea of addiction vs. need and live forever in the duality of my feelings. The fact remains that when I am in love, I smile.

The only challenge now is to find the love that challenges me without being emotionally threatening. I must allow the right love to find me when I’m ready to be found.

And then there’s always that underlying thought I may have been right the first time.

Thanks for joining me 😘

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