“A Love Letter Lost in Chicago;” a short story

Today, while walking around Chicago, on my way to the blue line, I saw a letter tumbling in the wind. It didnt take long to figure out that it was a love letter and a heartfelt one at that. It was beautiful to me that this man felt so strongly about this woman, Ada. I felt a little guilty reading someone’s deep feelings, clearly meant only for one other woman, but I snapped a picture anyways to save the moment. Yet, I had to wonder why the letter was here on the concrete in front of me like trash, instead of safe with Ada. Theories swirled in my head and I concluded that neither one of them would ever see this anyway… so I took the liberty of writing her response.



I saw your note at the of foot my door frame this morning among the neighborhood takeout menus… I thought it was a note from the landlord warning us about the volume of our music last night. No, it was from you. I immediately wondered when you could’ve placed it there as it was 7a when I was on my way to the airport. I unfolded the paper, cold in my hands and read your letter during my walk to the L train. What could you possibly want to tell me that you couldnt simply text??! The wind nearly whipped it from my hands but I held on with curiosity.

At the top, it read 5:39p yesterday, so it was there before I got home. How did Yvonne and I both miss it? We didn’t have that much at happy hour. I recalled the chilly night of laughter and triumph that we had passed all our classes. I smiled at the thought and winced from my headache. Ok maybe, we did have a lot to drink. I reminded myself I had two weeks ahead of me with no responsibility and focused on your letter again.

As I read, pressure began to push down on my chest and my breathing quickened. “Summer is going to rock so much with you being here!” I swallowed and continued reading but your words didn’t help. “I just really hope you’ll stay here in Chicago….” My heart immediately fell into my stomach. This semester with you was fun but… I looked around for someone to hear me out. “I didn’t lead him on, I swear!!” I wanted to say to the homeless man who lived under the bridge. My eyes began to water as I read on. “…baby… I miss you… I can still feel your body…” I wanted to scream, “I told him my studies come first!!” How can I respond to this? How am I supposed to explain again that I have way too much going on to be distracted? I could see the train entrance by now and I wanted to run towards it, to escape! And before I knew it, I was scanning my CTA card in pursuit of home, my luggage swerving along behind me. I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened to your letter. I dropped it somewhere on W Montrose Ave. I don’t even know how it ended. I’m so sorry, I just can’t.



Hopefully, whoever wrote this letter was able to get in touch with the real Ada and that she received his love openly.

Thanks for joining me 😘

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