#tbt Quarter Life Crisis: Turning 25 (Pt. 3)

[Originally posted on February 10, 2013]

Its so official. I’m old. Ancient, really.

After riding the wave of 21, a firm hand began to close around me. It was a grip pulsing with insecure unanswered questions and the panicked pressure to succeed. The grip would tighten every year, awaiting inevitable failure. It felt like Life was Scar, just waiting for its chance to corner me and throw me into an oncoming stampede, breaking the hearts of small children for generations to come. Around 23, Cince de Mayo seems to follow right behind New Years and before you dust off your swim suit, its time for Santa to come down your chimney again (TWSS). Going out becomes routine rather than glamorous. You’re ready to trade your stilettos for socks and the guestlist for a booklist. Any accomplishments feel unsatisfactory, or often overlooked. Nothing brings contentment. Having everything is not enough because you are always looking to the next person who seems to have more. HA! And you thought you left the melodrama in high school?!

After all that effort of pretending not to give a _insert 4 letter word_ about what the world thinks, you’re still holding last year’s iPhone and wishing you could upgrade. The whole charade is more than exhausting. I have been more than a quarter of a century old for a few months now and I pretty much have being 25 down to a science. Rather than exhausting myself at a race that can never been won, why not balance the things I truly find important?

Its not like school where everyone learns the same lesson, takes a test and gets an A. People need to learn very different things in their lives and fail countless times in order to become the unique individual they were destined to be. Without balance, one will be unsettled, or chaotic, even. I could be getting ahead of myself, but i am starting to gain that calm flippancy that only senior citizens are fortunate to have. Maybe once you’re over 30, you are redeemed, as you are no longer punished for your fleeting youth and stunning beauty. Well… with these fountain of youthful genes i was blessed with, *hair flip* I may always be on punishment.

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