A Very Curly THANK YOU!

Its been a little over 30 days since I began writing on this platform….

Now, more than 30 posts later, there has been a consistent outpouring of love and well wishes I never expected. I thought I would quietly post my thoughts and observations of the human condition on Curls & Carry-ons and allow it to disaporate into the atmosphere of the internet. I thought I would share my struggles with no one in particular and maybe someone somewhere would quietly click the like button in solidarity.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
This platform, however tiny, was created as a creative outlet for my journey, in hopes that others might feel less alone in the dark thoughts that form in the corners of their mind. It was created to catalog my travels and the beautiful moments I am able to relate to strangers in far away places regardless of languages or barriers. I wanted to celebrate who I was becoming not in spite of what I’ve gone through, but because of it, and in hopes that others would take pride in their struggles as well. The whole point is that love and pain transcend all demographics and geography. I am honored and priviledged to continue to experience and learn and share and disect what it means to be human in this complicated world.

Formally, I have to say thank you to my parents and the family who have stopped me in my tracks to cheer me on. To my awesome Mema & Papa, who see a light in me and constantly encourage me to do more, I promise I will keep going. Thank you to my great friends who have sent many beautiful texts and instant messages of pride and congrats. To the new friends and people who have taken time out of their busy lives to have a conversation with me about how they understand me better now or that they can simply relate, or that they are excited for me, thank you so much! To the many likes, DMs, follows and comments all across my social media, I truly appreciate the support because even just double tapping your screen means so much. A very special thank you goes to the many people that I have connected with in different countries, cities and time zones. It has been a joy to share a space, a laugh, an idea or a drink with you. I will never forget those moments and for many of you, I hope we dont lose contact! Together, all several hundred of us are all mingling in my mind at a fabulous cocktail party with music, drinks and food in a high-rise apartment somewhere in the world.

Lastly, to my mom who continues to cry at the drop of dime when I do anything remotely significant with my time, thank you for being such an inspiration to follow my heart in all areas of life. Mommy, you are sunshine that I would wilt without.

Gosh, Anais, this  not the Oscars! Someone cue the music! ….Seriously, I hope I didnt leave anyone out. Thank you EVERYONE! ❤️


Thanks for joining me!

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