#tbt Quarter Life Crisis

[Originally posted on February 3, 2013]

By now, many of us have settled back into our comfort zones, a safe distance away from challenging New Year’s resolutions. Life has become  simple again without the outside pressures of having to lose that extra 10lbs or to finally quit smoking. However, there is a different kind of anxiety eating away at the rest of us who have yet to find our peace.

I have been exuberantly droning on about this topic to any peer who would listen ever since the glitter of being 21, drunk and single was brushed off my shoulders. It’s a crashing realization that, damn I’m an adult and I’m required to do something important with my life. I’m not a child anymore. Then you start to obsess on how much time you’ve possibly already wasted being drunk on the floors of various night clubs, making out with random hot Colombians on Miami beach and daydreaming through core classes that have zilch to do with your major. What happened to the mornings where you felt accomplished to have awaken in your own bed without a Sharpie mustache?
I generally enjoy my birthday as much as the next energetic party loving girl, but for the past couple years there’s a moment when a friend and I discuss our age, status and future. It becomes one of those lunches where its clear we need to order the bottle, not the glass. Staring off into space, I start to feeeeeel every year of my life weighing down on me. Where has all the time gone and what do I have to show for it? It’s exactly as my favorite uncle told me it’d be. I woke up today and was like, omg I’m 19… I’m 22… I’m 20-flipping-4! By now, I’m erupting in a mini panic attack, which if you have ever cared about your college GPA, is a familar feeling, but still scary nonetheless. Doing your best to calm down, trying not to dwell on the fact that whether you’ve graduated college or not, you feel like you’re wading through the deep end, struggling to stay afloat, drowning in the entry-level positions, having nothing to do with your career, that you feel obnoxiously over-qualified for. You steer away from the fact that dating is not nearly as exciting as it used to be and you have failed once again to co-exist in a meaningful relationship. Thank God for true friends right?!
But why can’t I have it all? Is being a Disney Princess by the time I’m 25 really THAT unattainable? They had adventure, an awesome partner in crime, perfect hair, and they always charmed the pants off of their hot men! That elusive trifecta of euphoria: perfect career, romantic relationship and best friends. Often times, we can simultaneously have two of the three. Either its your job taking up all your time, your friends hating on your love life or its your love life hating on everything else. You can never seem to have it all…. in your twenties. Your parents, aunts and uncles, older cousins seem to have rigged the game somehow. As a 20-something, can we have that too?!

To be continued…

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