#tbt Quarter Life Crisis: High Anxiety (Pt. 2)

[ Originally posted on February 6, 2013]

In your early twenties, just about everything gives you a high level of anxiety. Have you ever unnecessarily lost your breath, your heart was pumping blood to your brain at an ungodly rate, you couldnt calm yourself down and feared you might pass out? That was a panic attack. Thats your twenty-something anxiety. Welcome to the club.

Common things that get me anxious:

  • Dark circles or bags under my eyes
  • Red and blue flashing lights
  • When my stylist says she found a gray and immediately plunks it out without permission
  • Waiting for my online bank statement to load
  • Slow internet in general (The Walking Dead wont load fast enough)
  • Like every single damn episode of SCANDAL
  • Used car commercials
  • Late night commercials about prescriptions i dont take, for conditions I dont have, but that i may have once I’m really, really old.
  • Web MD
  • Other people coughing near me
  • People who walk unnaturally slow in front of me
  • Running late
  • When I run out of coffee, or run out of coffee creamer, or both (OMG what if my coffee maker ever broke and there wasnt a Starbucks on the way to where I’m running late to??! …..lmao smh. Dont be basic. There’s always a Starbucks on the way.)
  • Shopping and nothing fits
  • Screaming children
  • When everything in my closet makes me look like poop
  • Maggots;  i’ve only seen them like 3 times in my life but they make me what to drown in my own vomit. Just thinking about maggots makes me hate myself.
  • Quiet children who stare
  • Never having children because I’m still unmarried
  • Unknown numbers, blocked numbers, out of state numbers
  • Voicemails (all-time worst technology EVER)
  • Celebrities like Justin Bieber, who I love, but who at 18years old are worth $50m. F*** celebrities.

Is there anything that gets you super worked up unnecessarily? Comment below.
[ Originally posted on February 6, 2013]