Black Girl Magic: The Fashion Bloggers You’ve Been Searching For #wcw

Hi, my name is Anaïs and I’m addicted to online shopping. What’s there not to love? From anywhere in the world, I can scour every corner of the internet for what I need, have it delivered and still attend to my piña colada on the beach. I even schedule to have my groceries delivered! I call that multi-tasking. 

However, when fashion funds run low, which they always do, the next best thing is scrolling through the endless inspiration that is fashion blogs. Vogue is some people’s saving grace and fashion bloggers are mine. And I know I’m not the only one who becomes exhausted of all the fashion rules they say you have to abide by. Personally, I fly with the all the colors of the wind all year round and the following group of women of color are the wind beneath my wings. These ladies hail from Los Angeles, New York, Houston, London and Nigeria. Some of them are mothers, Emmy award winners and budding designers. What all of them have in common are the empires they are building through their undeniable sense of style. Get to know them just in time for London Fashion Week!

Not only does Nyane have an appetite for amazing lingerie, hair color and sunglasses, but she works it all in the coolest and most exotic locations.


Follow Patricia on YouTube to truly feel her zest for fashion and all things posh.


Samantha is another fashion YouTube staple. Her quirky spirit, her ease of style and love of monochromatic clothing will inspire you to clean out your closet.


Shayla recently changed the game with her hand painted street wear that makes bold social statements.  Ever heard the phrase “Vogue doesn’t care about Ebony issues,” that was her!


Now an Emmy award winner, Karrauche has always been able to balance sexy, quirky casual and edgy like the true California girl she is.


Courtney could easily be the younger stylish cousin of Olivia Pope. The girl really is a “bawse!” 


I have to take this moment to say how effortless Anne makes originality look. It’s not what she wears, but HOW she pulls it off! She was the first girl I saw wear a denim jacket off the shoulder and I’ve been getting every inch of my life ever since!

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