11 Things To Do ANYWHERE in the World

You have a long layover between cities that you want to take advantage of or you are being an adventurer this weekend with only one night in town. Whether you are going to the beach, a big city or a small town, here is a list of inexpensive things you can do in almost every place you visit:

  1. JOG TOURS are an easy way to explore the 2 mile radius around your lodging. I recommend going after sunrise before 11am while its not too hot and not too crowded. Take your iPhone along to casually snap pictures of the sites, mark your map of that cute cafe you stumbled upon and observe the movement of the city. It doesn’t need to be a serious marathon-training sort of jog, just burn a few calories while you explore. And guess what, its FREE!!!
  2. RESEARCH if there are any festivals, concerts or special events happening while you’re in town. Bartenders, hotel concierge and Uber drivers are always good people to ask.
  3. PEOPLE WATCH over a fluffy pastry and nice cup of hot coffee, bonus points if its locally grown! Hands down, my favorite people watching is in New York City or on Ocean Drive in Miami. Ohhhh the characters!
  4. THRIFT shopping is always different depending on what neighborhood you visit. You always want that sweet spot between a Whole Foods and a Dollar Store kind of neighborhood. Artsy neighborhoods are awesome like: Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas, Little 5 Points in Atlanta, Georgia, Wynwood in Miami, Florida and Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. Even if you are not the thrifting kind of person, a local boutique in these trendy areas will satisfy anyone’s desire to find something one-of-a-kind.
  5. FOOD is, of course, the staple of any culture. It is what people center their days around. Find out what the local dish is, find a small restaurant and go for it!
  6. BEER from a local brewery or cafe at lunchtime will teach you more than you ever thought. Sure you could always go to a museum for a history lesson, but you will be surprised what you can learn about the social climate of a city from its locales over a beer.
  7. COLLECT an inexpensive treasure from the places you visit. Right now, I am obsessed with sunglasses and my collection is growing rapidly thanks to recent stops in San Diego, Chicago and Seattle. I’ve been lucky to find them all for under $12. I think my next obsession will be pins, buttons and patches so I can clutter up an old denim jacket.
  9. DANCE in the street, at the bar or the night clubs. Wherever it is that people in that city dance, go there and let loose! Ask your uber driver, your server or social media where the best places to go are…. or to find the gay bars, as my friend would say, “just follow the glitter!”
  10. DOCUMENT your journey through photos, a journal or through short videos on Snapchat. These are the most invaluable things you can do to preserve great moments.


Thanks for joining me!




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