FOLLOW: an African & a Hafrican Travel Super Duo

Black travel has hit a serious boom in recent years! #MELANIN #BLACKGIRLSTRAVELTOO #TRAVELNOIRE The tags on Instagram are endless and beautiful to scroll through. It would give anyone travel envy like “shuuu, I want to be in their crew!”

A trio of my favorite accounts that I’m sharing today are:








What is significant about these three are their connections to each other. Other than being well-travelled, Elton @eltonandersonjr is a professional photographer with work that is vivid and intentional. Jessica @jnambowa has touched down in 35 US cities, 66 countries and 6 continents and is the founder of boutique travel firm @globaljetblack, which curates travel to countries in the African diaspora. Together the two powerhouses have a chemistry you cant help but smile at in their podcast,”An African and a Halfrican.” Literally, I just clicked the Subscribe button on their podcast after nodding my head in agreement as they discussed the fearmongering surrounding solo travel abroad. Please go listen! Scroll through their accounts to live vicariously through their colorful journies to distant destinations and feel their friendship melt all over you!

(None of the photos in this post are property of Curls & Carry-ons)

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