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For at least five years now, I have unsubscribed from cable television. I dont say this in one of those pretentious, “I dont watch TV,” type of ways; its just that TV became increasing inconvenient, repetitive and uninteresting. YouTube, and sometimes Netflix, has swooped in and taken the place of my cable programming. There’s more variety in content and I can watch whenever I darn well please.

This month, in particular, it felt appropriate to share which Black YouTubers I love to watch. Enter in Evelyn from the Internets! She is your perfect blend of quirky, insightful and hilarious. Her commentary on the mundane will have you in stitches. She even caught Beyonce’s attention last year with her review of the Lemonade album. A friend of Evelyn’s sent her a video of herself at the concert viewing Evelyn’s face being projected for the thousands in the crowd. In the footage, all you hear is Evelyn’s voice describing the perfection that is Lemonade and her friend screaming in the background, “EVELYN!!!! THATS MY FRIEND! THATS MY FRIEND!” See her review of Lemonade below, its pretty fantastic, to say the least.

In the video below, Evelyn grapples with the position she is put in as a budding influencer online. Is it necessary for her to comment on every social justice story that is present in the world right now? I struggle with this too. Although, I am definitely not an influencer nor am I inheritly funny, I am extremely empathetic to the human condition. Before, I have thrown myself into the trenches of social justice and quickly realized, I needed to retreat! It is exhausting to constantly immerse  yourself in such sadness. Now, I am owning the fact that as much as I want to be on the streets with people marching, that is not my lane. I have to find other ways to help and provide hope for people of color, including myself. I appreciate that she knows what she wants and looks for balance within herself and amongst her network. Click for a playlist of her peaceful travel retreats.

Follow Evelyn from the Internets to quench your thirst for something positive and lighthearted. She’s your “Capri Sun” of the day.

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