Flying Internationally Under Trump’s America (Pt. 1)

In one week, Trump has dismantled Obamacare without a real plan to replace it, attacked our citizens 1st and 5th amendment rights, cleared construction for the Keystone Pipeline (which he has money invested in), and he has upset millions of women around the world with his position on reproductive rights. People have rushed to the streets in the millions to protest globally during and after the inauguration as well as after he signed the executive order banning 7 Muslim countries from entering the US. What concerns me most is he’s illuminating a target on all Americans’ backs. Anyone will tell you that immigration bans are historically dangerous both politically and socially. I travel for a living. Last summer, anytime I step foot out of the country, I was accosted with questions about our presidential election. As soon as people heard my accent, they skipped their “Hallo, Hola, Bonjour” and told me how embarrassed I should be to have such terrible options for the highest seat of power in the world. They were right! I did feel embarrassed. A cheese doodle is running our foreign policy, assembling a cabinet of bias right wing extremists who only want to fill their own pockets. Now, I’m not only embarrassed, I am nervous. What will happen now when people overseas, or even just across the border to Mexico, hear my accent? Will they know that many Americans absolutely do not support the bigotry and injustices of #45? Or, will they lump me in with middle America, who voted for Trump for more manufacturing jobs? I haven’t travelled internationally since the election so its really a matter of wait and see.

Below is a video by Telegraph, summarizing the Muslim ban in 90 seconds.

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