My STRUGGLE with being a Blogger

A name, a title, a category shouldn’t define you. Sometimes, however, our obsessions with labels takes over. If i give up the urgency to become a REAL writer, will anyone ever take me seriously as an independent, thought provoking blogger?

today is yesterdays tomorrow.I’ve gone through dozens of url changes, bought domains, designed logos and I even wrote for a local magazine. After restlessly rubbing elbows with the same room of people night after night, satisfaction seemed nearly unattainable. The ambitious chase to capture my self-image felt in vain.

I am no closer to knowing who I am now, than I was then. Why am I obsessing over the details of how of the package looks, if there is nothing inside? I need to create myself  instead of dwelling on the notion that I need to find myself. Im here, finally, present. With a ten year high school reunion months ahead, you will find yourself grabbing at straws just to accomplish one last thing of note. What have I done with my youth is something I never want to ask. Why did I waste all of that time is unfortunately something I am addressing. Its frustrating but I am getting there. I’m no longer trying, but I am doing.

No more fear. No more excuses. I can make all the promises in the world, but I just need to DO IT.
[Originally posted on February 18, 2013]

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