Life with No Limits


You know what I realized? I love to think that I am more of a free spirit than I am in actuality. Realistically, I set too many limitations to myself. I can be adventurous, in terms of hobbies without flinching! Ok, wait. I do flinch. It once took me 25 minutes to jump off a 90 foot cliff. I mean, small children were like “excuse me ma’am, can i jump first if you’re not going to?” It was embarrassing. But I digress.
When it comes to taking a risk with decisions, I’m automatically a punk out. With money, I’d rather be frugal and rigorously research any necessary high-end purchases. In regards to relationships, I dare not be the first person completely vunerable or even to initiate intrusive conversation. I feel safer and more comfortable being guarded in social settings. Or even with this blog, I tell myself “I’m only going to write about revelent social and current issues that ignite passion.” Well… Why? Maybe being cautious in other areas of my life make a little more sense in terms of survival, but when it comes to being artistic… Why do i put myself, my creativity, in a box? Its only when you realize that there shouldnt be a box in the first place that you can truly begin to dive deep into life without silly limitations.

Perfection is boring. It leaves nothing to be attained.

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