Tips for Dating Someone with Wanderlust

Long distance relationships are incredibly difficult. They happen for all kinds of reasons. You met an off duty flight attendant with kind eyes and a wicked sense of humor on vacation. You fell for a quirky girl with glasses and tattoos, in bar, who deploys for war in three months. Your significant other moves away... Continue Reading →

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A Very Curly THANK YOU!

Its been a little over 30 days since I began writing on this platform.... Now, more than 30 posts later, there has been a consistent outpouring of love and well wishes I never expected. I thought I would quietly post my thoughts and observations of the human condition on Curls & Carry-ons and allow it... Continue Reading →

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The Balconies of Madrid

In Buenos Aires, the doors took hold of my attention and then in Madrid, the resemblance of ornate doorways made it clear where the influence orginated. The architecture, overall was so captivating, but on every street, narrow or wide, it was the balconies that dominated the scene. Romeo could have easily called out to his... Continue Reading →

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Las Morenas de España

In early February, I received a notification for an Instagram "like" from an account I had never heard of. Upon reading the name, @lasmorenasdeespana, my excitement was immediate as I clicked through to its page. Morena, brown girl, that was me! De España, from Spain, like my father. What was I about to find? I... Continue Reading →

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Shackles are Becoming a Statement Piece

Recently, I raised the question of why we as Black people dont have a Black flag? It would be difficult to come together as one to agree on its style, purpose and meaning because across the diaspora, there are darker skin Brazilians, Indians, Spaniards, etc that have unique struggles. However, all of us are connected... Continue Reading →

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FOLLOW: an African & a Hafrican Travel Super Duo

Black travel has hit a serious boom in recent years! #MELANIN #BLACKGIRLSTRAVELTOO #TRAVELNOIRE The tags on Instagram are endless and beautiful to scroll through. It would give anyone travel envy like "shuuu, I want to be in their crew!" A trio of my favorite accounts that I'm sharing today are: @eltonandersonjr @jnambowa @globaljetblack   What... Continue Reading →

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That Time I Was Going to Rio, But then Didnt

Summer of 2016 was a beautiful celebration of Black girl magic being awarded medals for their excellence in swimming, gymnastics, tennis, hurdles, shot put, long jump... you name it and Black girls dominated! Those are some nasty gals for ya! With all the excitement surrounding the games, Brazil was kind enough to open up its... Continue Reading →

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ARGENTINA: The Doors of Buenos Aires

While in the artsy neighborhood of Palermo-Soho, I quickly developed a strong admiration for not only the vibrant people that lived there, but for the architecture. With influences mashing up Parisian romance and Italian renaissance, it was hard to believe I was in the deep south! My affinity honed in on the doors and entrances... Continue Reading →

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Flying Internationally Under Trump’s America (Pt. 1)

In one week, Trump has dismantled Obamacare without a real plan to replace it, attacked our citizens 1st and 5th amendment rights, cleared construction for the Keystone Pipeline (which he has money invested in), and he has upset millions of women around the world with his position on reproductive rights. People have rushed to the... Continue Reading →

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Travel with Only One Night in Town

A lot of times when we travel, we block off days, request off of work, save thousands of dollars, book the itinerary months in advance and that's all after synchronizing schedules with a travel buddy or two to accompany you on your trip. PHEW! That's a lot of effort for only a week's break from... Continue Reading →

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A Love Letter Lost in Chicago

Today, while walking around Chicago, on my way to the blue line, I saw a letter tumbling in the wind. It didnt take long to figure out that it was a love letter and a heartfelt one at that. It was beautiful to me that this man felt so strongly about this woman, Ada. I... Continue Reading →

#tbt Quarter Life Crisis: Turning 25 (Pt. 3)

[Originally posted on February 10, 2013] Its so official. I'm old. Ancient, really. After riding the wave of 21, a firm hand began to close around me. It was a grip pulsing with insecure unanswered questions and the panicked pressure to succeed. The grip would tighten every year, awaiting inevitable failure. It felt like Life was Scar,... Continue Reading →

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